The importance of having strong media assets for your portfolio is stronger than ever now. With digital platforms including social spaces to promote your site, it’s imperative to have visuals that represent your brand in a high quality way. Here are four tips on selecting vendors who provide quality services.

1) Ask for Referrals

Hosting an event in a city that you are lacking on contacts? Ask your followers for referrals for what you need help with…photography, videography, etc. Peer to peer recommendations are typically the strongest because you it’s the person’s credibility on the line, and no one wants to refer someone who isn’t up to par.

2) Check Out Their Portfolio
Any digital media artist worth their salt will be able to shoot off a link to their portfolio to you. Look at their work, does their style mirror what you are wanting to communicate for your event? If they are a designer, do they have a diverse portfolio showcasing several different designs? If they are a photographer or videographer, is the imagery high quality and “Insta worthy”? Ask these questions of yourself as you review portfolios before you select candidates to interview.

3) Search Instagram
Instagram is a portfolio within itself for several artists. Use keywords for what you are looking for in the search function to see what profiles appear. Since most users update Instagram on a frequent basis you’ll be able to see the most recent work or projects that they are showcasing. If you see an artist you like, check their profile on how to connect with them.

4) Have an Interview

Don’t hire anyone before you have a conversation with them. You want to make sure as the best you can that this person can handle the project. For example, if celebrities will be at your event, you need to be 110% confident the photographer knows how to approach and direct them for the photos you need. No one needs a shy photographer when trying to get the money shot. For designers, ask about their design process. How many rounds of revisions are included in the quote? How do they handle feedback? Do they provide you with all of the source files after the project?

The visual aspect of events is one of the most important pieces to have. Make sure you have the right design/media team to pull it off.

What are other tips for hiring media vendors?