Hosting parties and formal events have a lot of similarities, both require suitable locations, hosts, and marketing. However, formal events elevate the stakes, and it requires the hired agency to look through a different lens to pull it off. Here are three tips to consider when producing a formal event.

1. Partner with an Exclusive Brand

Nothing says formal like a brand that is considered luxury or exclusive. Find the right brand partner that fits with the event, and make sure it’s the right event before you approach that potential luxury partner. Research their audience and portfolio before making the pitch.

2. Select a Location that Suits the Event

Formal events can’t be held just anywhere. The location sets the tone of the event. Subsequently, the decor that adorns the registration area and the main event room needs to fit the event. If you aren’t skilled in interior design, hire a professional event decorator to look at the venue and provide recommendations on the space can be decorated and utilized.

3. Target the Right Audience When Marketing

Everyone isn’t crazy about attending sit-down brunches or dinners, so it’s imperative to find those who enjoy attending or who will benefit from attending. Consider targeting those who are interested in the focus of the event (is it a charitable cause, awards ceremony, etc.). Possibly position the event as a networking opportunity for those who appreciate the benefit in that. Or target those who still like to mingle but full-on parties aren’t their thing. You’ll want a packed house, so start early with identifying the audience and who will be interested in coming.

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