When a brand is involved with your event, it has to be a priority that your client can immediately see the return on investment as soon as the relationship starts through post event. Here are three tips have a winning event for your client.

1) The Relationship Begins Before the Event

You’ve sold your event to the brand representative (rep), and now you have to deliver…and that starts way before the actual event. The key is to build a relationship with the rep that has a foundation of trust and transparency. The brand selected your team to execute for a reason. Go the extra mile during the planning phases with sending weekly updates to the rep, tagging the brand’s social media in your #BTS preparation, and calling to randomly check in with updates. Communication is key, and can help build a solid bridge with trouble shooting any unknowns with the rep as the event nears.

2) Create a Unique Experience For the Brand
We knew we could create something special that would stand out to consumers when we partnered with COVERGIRL for a day party. Instead of just handing out product at the event, we executed an experiential experience where event attendees could get their makeup done by a professional makeup artist using COVERGIRL products. We effectively created an environment where both makeup artists and attendees had the experience of the using the product. In addition, women waiting patiently for their chance in the chair were able to see the techniques the artists were using the makeup. It was an incredible visual experience for all parties.

3) Don’t Forget the Brand After the Event
Following up with the brand rep is just as important as building the rapport with him or her prior to the event. Send the rep a recap report after the event, no more than a week after. The report should include high quality photos, or be a high quality video that details the goals of the event, highlights KPIs, and how the brand was able to maximize their exposure.